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Nike Sweet Classic High contrives to provoke your fashion sense and take your style to the next level by offering versatility in your personality. The leather used for the exterior is of extremely high quality. It is smooth, flexible and clean. It is available in both perforated and non-perforated construction so you can choose any one according to your need. The leather is very easy to clean and can be wiped clean by using soft and water or just use a damp cloth to make it shine and it will definitely look like a new one. The collar and tongue both are padded which offers more support to the back of the feet and also kick out debris and abrasion to make the feet feel comfortable through out. The interior is all lined with textile lining that offers maximum cushioning and support to the feet and it also keep the feet in a healthier environment. Its swoosh details at the sides enhances the look of this shoe and also the logo details at the heel offers a more chic look. The mid sole is durable and comfortable which offers a long – lasting wear. Rubber outsole ensures more grip on all kinds of terrains. Its Weight is 1 pound 4 ounces. This shoe can be purchased in the following colors: White / Midnight Navy / White / Midnight Navy , Game Royal / Medium Gray / White / Medium Grey , Black / Gym Red / White , Black / Black –White. Checkout the dedicated website that features review for Sweet Classic High shoes in detail. You won't be disappointed.


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Bob from Salt Lake City, UT

After wearing this shoe approximately six times I find it to be light and comfortable. I don't wear the same pair of shoes more than twice per week so comparing to others the only thing I may suggest would be a thicker in-sole for people on their feet most of the day. Overall, a nice shoe.

Erich Wittig from Hamilton, OH

I have had a brown pair of these shoes for over twenty years, replacing them twice during that period. Now I have a brown pair and a black pair of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned!

Steve from Sandy, Oregon

I have very narrow feet and am on them all day at work. I have had great difficulty over the years finding shoes that work for me. These are my second pair and they are great. they hold up well, look good, and I have been very happy with them. Gender feminists fought for years to achieve cultural dominance. They claimed they wanted equality, but they actually craved total superiority. So consider just one venue: the modern university. Now we have "Women's Studies", "Women's Lounges", "Women's Faculty Clubs", the "Women's Student Office," etc., etc. White males are relentlessly bashed. Nonwhite males are coddled and given a free pass for many behaviors (including use of the N word) that would result in instant ruin for a white.

Then, you have the bizarre spectacle of Hillary Clinton announcing that women tennis players have "finally achieved equal pay for equal work" when, after playing best of 3 sets, they get the same pay as men playing the vastly more grueling best of 5.  In other words, women bashed men to the point where, even though inequality and anti-male discrimination are all around us, most men sheepishly go along, afraid to be labeled "bad".  No doubt Kay H. supported all this, and now she's surprised that men are aimless and confused. These men spent time in high school and college surrounded by women dressed in what used to pass as underwear, while being told that if they react sexually, they're evil and sexist.

And now, Kay H. wonders why men are confused, sheepish, and lack a sense of purpose.  It even got to the point where Women's Studies types farmed out the study of "masculinity" to hand-picked acolytes like the relentlessly mediocre Michael Kimmel. Boys have very few advocates to explain that, well, they develop at different rates and in different trajectories than girls. For years, everyone understood that boys goof off in high school more than girls, because they're distracted by testosterone. So low grades for a boy are less diagnostic than low grades for a girl. Now, of course, it would be considered sexist to point to any fact that works in favor of boys, so now we have boys drastically underrepresented in colleges and universities. Feminists aren't at all concerned about this inequity. In fact, they gloat about it in places like the NY Times. Kay, what you don't know about men and the discrimination they face in the modern world would fill an encyclopedia.


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